“In shocking news, J’s racing President, Junichi Umemoto has been arrested on attempted murder charges. The bizarre incident occurred late at night on the 22nd of January in Osaka and involved 3 people, the police report… Police allege that Umemoto brushed a pedestrian with his car, and then  thinking it to be serious, started to try and flee the scene. Then, bizarrely, Umemoto’s colleague, 39 year old Eiji Fujikawa, tried to stop Umemoto from leaving by jumping onto the car and holding onto the mirror. Umemoto continued to drive approximately 100 meters with Fujikawa hanging from the mirror at which point, Fujikawa let go sustaining a fractured skull and now remains in hospital, unconscious and in critical condition. Umemoto was reported as saying that, “…I was scared of repercussions and kept on going. I didn’t mean to kill him.” There was no word on whether or not alcohol was involved but this has serious ramifications for Umemoto, who was considered one of Japan’s premier Honda tuners, with Umemoto himself, a decent pair of hands behind the wheel having competed in more that 100 races.

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Source: 7TUNE.


~ by littlefluffyduck on January 25, 2011.

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