Ways You Know You’re a Sneakerhead

1. You do not wear certain sneakers to parties/clubs because you are afraid someone is going to step on them.

  • Fresh Kicks are a must have for any true sneakerhead. Getting your fresh pair of J’s scuffed by someone will instantly cause a sneakerhead to have a rage blackout

2. The first thing you notice on everyone is their shoes.

  • Is it the shoes? Hmmm some people may say that they don’t like to judge, but sneakerheads pay more attention to what’s on someone’s feet more than anything else. You can spot a real sneaker fanatic from a block away, because they’ll be the one gawking at your feet.

3. You want multiple pairs of the same shoe.

  • Need we say more? We can sit here and hit you with clichés like “one to rock, and one to stock”, or “more is better” but you guys get the gist of it.

4. Your computer background is an Air Jordan.

  • You can find Air Jordan wallpapers all over the internet , and there’s nothing more pleasing to a sneakerhead than to wake up, open up your laptop, and catch a glimpse of your favorite pair right there on your screen.

5. The first thing that you when you get a fresh pair of shoes is hold them to your face like a oxygen mask and inhale.

  • Everyone has their own special way of showing affection for their shoes. Some people, such as rapper Fat Joe, lick the bottom of a fresh pair of kicks, while others, like Chris Brown in the picture above, hold the shoe to their face and inhale! Hmmm maybe someone should look into creating a “New Air Jordans” air freshener.

6. You clean your shoes after every wear.

  • Everybody has the own remedy for cleaning their kicks after every wear, and although they might be different, we all hope for the same outcome: a pair of kicks so fresh that you could eat off of them.

7. You know a fake shoe when you see it.

  • For the average Joe, differentiating a pair of real shoes from the fake version may take some time and prolonged observations, but true sneaker fanatics have it down to a science. They can spot a pair of fakes from a mile away!

8. You know all the release date for Jordans.

9. Your room is a mess but your sneaker boxes are packed neatly in one corner.

  • It seems as if all is right in the world, as long as our sneakers are safe. Sneakerheads could care less about how dirty their dwelling is, as long as their sneaker pile is neatly tucked away.

10. You keep a sneaker cleaning kit handy.

  • They say it’s better to be safe than sorry, and what better protection is there for your kicks than a cleaning kit that you can pull out when necessary? We wouldn’t want scuff marks to settle in now would we?

Source: KicksOnFire.


~ by littlefluffyduck on January 25, 2011.

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