Last Weeks Top Tweets

Conan O’Brien has a no-tolerance policy when it comes to stealing food.

@conanobrien – TWEET TO MY STAFFERS: Whoever took a bite of the pizza clearly labeled “CO’B” will be fired. Scanning kitchen security footage now…

Joel Madden manages to deliver the least informative tweet of all time.

@joelmadden – I’m gonna be honest with you I have no idea where I am right now

It’s Ellen’s birthday, she can make ridiculous requests of Justin Bieber if she wants to.

@TheEllenShow – It’s my birthday tomorrow! All I want for my birthday is world peace, and a lock of a @JustinBieber’s hair.

Justin Bieber is happy to have his people grant Ellen’s request.

@justinbieber – @TheEllenShow i think i can make that happen. i know people that know people that know people. those people also know people.

Making juvenile jokes about the human anatomy is not beneath Sarah Silverman.

@sarahksilverman – Let’s bring back calling people a boob

Katy Perry’s hubby Russell Brand isn’t any less crass as a married fellow.

@rustyrockets – Forgetting Sarah Marshall? I’m in this film! I sing “Inside Of You” by Jason Segel which could be about the heart, mind or anus.

Adam Levine always makes us laugh…

@adamlevine – Does recording artist “Tweet” have a twitter account? God I hope so…


Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi is a New York Times best-selling author, AND a poet.

@sn00ki – Jersey Shore prayer : Now I lay me down to rest, which tshirt u like the best? My face is tan, my hair is high, grenades are falling from the sky! Got my gel, my face is clear, Let’s Go Bitches, CABS R HEAA !!

DJ Pauly D, for one, is pretty amped that Jersey Shore Season 4 will take place in Italy.

@DJPaulyD – Soo Looking Forward To Tracing My Roots And Finally Going To Italy ,,, It’s Always Been A Dream Of Mine !!!!! #ohhyeahh


Source: 106Kmel.


~ by littlefluffyduck on February 2, 2011.

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