It’s How You Shoot. Not What You Shoot With.

This video to simply show that you should not be limited by your camera. Obviously there was a lot that went into this shoot including a professional model, hair and makeup, a studio, lighting, and a retoucher. We may create another video in the future where we shoot with only natural light but this video is simply about the camera. There are so many photographers who are obsessed with noise, sharpness, color, dynamic range, megapixels, chromatic aberration, moire, distortion, etc. So many photographers get wrapped up in the technical side that they forget how to take compelling images. This video is for them.

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Source: Fstoppers.

I strongly believe that it is how you shoot more than what you shoot with that makes up a great photo.  Sure a good camera combined with a great lens can make amazing pictures.  But if you don’t know how to use your camera or your lens correctly, you might as well just use a point and shoot.  I have know many photographers with Nikon 3ds and Canon 1Ds that shoot horrible photographs.  While I have met some photographers still using entry level cameras like the Canon Rebel XTI and Nikon D40 and their pictures come out amazing.  So don’t laugh at the guy with the 5-10 year old camera because it not the camera that makes the photographer, its the photos.  Don’t judge!  – LFD


~ by littlefluffyduck on February 8, 2011.

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