One off, for real?

Remember the days when“one off” meant having to actually get down and dirty in your garages or driveways and work all those late nights and evenings, rather then just paying a shop off to do things for you? Not that there is anything wrong with having someone do things for you (if you have the funds), but you will never appreciate those things as much as you would if you were to do them yourself. Whether it’s just a simple trunk lid or a complete body change like this Civic. Every body piece has been (and is still in the process) altered by the owner himself. Check out these older pictures we posted of this Civic [here], seems like we’ll be in for a real treat very soon! Stay tuned as we plan on updating you as soon as more pictures come in. Much respect to Thailand!



Other than that it desperately needs a paint job, and the cheesy rear bumper and exhaust.  I actually really like it! – LFD

Source: StanceNation.


~ by littlefluffyduck on February 8, 2011.

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