New Droid Details Emerge As MWC Approaches

The new quarter (and Mobile World Congress) brings many updates. The Droid line appears to be getting a Q2 refresh in the form of new Droid and Droid Incredible handsets, which my be joined by a LTE Samsung handset known now as the Stealth.

The new Droid is supposed to have a 4″ screen, at 960×540 like the Bionic’s, but little else is known. Is the plain Droid Moto’s new RAZR? Its simpler cousin, the Incredible, is getting a new look, however, with white and chrome accents and a beveled back. Not only that, but it’s rumored to be a world phone on the strength of the new Qualcomm chipset.

Samsung will also make an appearance on the Verizon Q2 slate with the 4g/LTE handset being called the Stealth.

Timing isn’t clear, but I’m guessing these devices will all be announced at MWC, and released over the next three months. Verizon isn’t the best at keeping their secrets, either, so even if they waffle at MWC we’ll probably get dates in a few weeks.

Source: MobileCrunch.


~ by littlefluffyduck on February 10, 2011.

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