Best of Hellaflush Hawaii: Aloha Wagon

The Honda Accord was the best selling Japanese car in America from 1982–97. Reliability, Affordable, and styling geared towards family comes to mind when you think of a Honda Accord making it one of the world’s most reliable vehicles So when they released this version of the Accord wagon, my personal taste for this particular wagon only intensified. Unfortunately, I never picked one up but who knows cause after looking at Style Wagon for years and shooting this wagon owned by Lance Akagi, I might have to scour craigslist.

Introducing Lance’s 1995 Accord wagon. Some of you on the Island have seen this wagon over the years but his debut at Hellaflush Hawaii killed it and honored him with Best of Show. With special thanks to Revision Audio, Team Ultraspeed and RRosales, Lance created and built this Accord to his spec. All the custom bodywork and paint, JDM H23A VTEC motor swap, and pretty much all the build was done by his hands. Pretty awesome and onto the photos and I’m going to post all of them cause its worth it. (Specs at Bottom, photos by Mark Arcenal.)

Words: Mark Arcenal

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Source: Fatlace.


~ by littlefluffyduck on February 15, 2011.

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