Honda Mini Trail CT-70 > Honda Ruckus

Also known as pit-bikes, these bike’s small frames allowed the crew to fit in the corner of just about any trailer during race days. Its predecessor was the Honda Monkey Z50Z. The difference between the monkey and the CT70 was its distinct T-bone frame. The CT70 was sold in the US was and also marketed in Europe and Asia as the Honda “Dax” or ST70. The name Dax,which is a reference to the dachshunds (dog), the silhouette which is a resemblance to the shape of the bike.

love how the Japanese find inspiration in anything…

These mini-treasures are still around. Most of them you will see in the garages of enthusiasts fully restored, some of them forgotten in barn yards, and occasionally in craigslist for sale price ranging from $100- 1500 depending on the condition.

$1200 for this condition…pretty pricey.

In Asia, specially China, these mini-bikes are being cloned from their distinct frame down to its bolt size due to Honda’s patents for the Honda Mini Trail CT70 expiring in 1998.

Source: MaydayGarage.


~ by littlefluffyduck on March 2, 2011.

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