Belvedere VIP Flight Case


Check out this highly sought after special VIP Flight Case for Belvedere Vodka!

“Challenge: To mark the launch of the Intense Unfiltered 80, and the creation of the Intense family, Belvedere challenged us to create a luxurious gift pack for promotional purposes.  The gift pack needed to reflect and complement the aspirational VIP lifestyle of the Intense consumer, whilst generating excitement and publicity surrounding the launch event.”

“Solution: Taking cues from Belvedere’s design heritage, whilst contemporizing them for the supremely luxurious Intense family, we developed a bespoke flight case reflecting the jet set lifestyle of the Belvedere consumer.  The core brand equities of the frosted trees create a frame for the Intense family, whilst paralleling the window device of the bottle design.  The trees are supported by branded etching on the side of the presentation case, to maximize brand exposure.The finishing touch, the ultimate in luxury gifting, is the luggage tag, which not only creates a means for each case to be personalized to the recipient, but also adds to the luxury jet set theme.

Result: The brand heritage of Belvedere super premium vodka is closely aligned with the luxury and glamour of the VIP lifestyle.  Our design successfully reflected these values, gaining highly coveted product placement and further building consumer aspiration to the Belvedere brand.

Measurably, the resulting publicity following the release of the Flight Case generated increased consumer awareness of Belvedere Intense Unfiltered, triggering high sales.”

Designed by BrandOpus


Source: TheDieLine.


~ by littlefluffyduck on March 18, 2011.

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