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The Hyundai Genesis has been gaining huge territory in the heart of many enthusiasts. Everyone from the hardcore Euro guys to the typical JDM fans have been switching over to a brand new platform which has gradually demonstrated not only to be solid, but aesthetically unique. I have grown to respect these cars, they are attractive, have a great warranty, and it’s one of those cars that with only a set of coils and wheels can leave half of your friends wearing a neck brace or calling dibs to ride with you. Jon decided to take things a little further with an assortment of tasteful exterior parts and slight engine mods that makes this a very well rounded machine.

Jon started off with an MR2 and owned it for about six years. That was until the announcement of the Genesis, which he immediately fell in love with. As soon as he purchased the 3.8 V6 Track model, he concentrated on a nice drop and a beautiful set of Volk GT-S wheels.

By now you may be wondering, what does a title like “Resurrection” has anything to do with this car? Actually, it has much more than you can imagine. Exactly a year after Jon purchased his Genesis Coupe, a devastating front end collision destroyed it. Fortunately, he wasn’t at fault, and he was determined to keep his car. After three months and close to $13,000 in repair bills, his waiting misery came to an end and they resurrected perhaps one of the nicest Hyundai Genesis we’ve seen lately. In his own words, “the car was back to life better than ever”.

Source: JustStance.


~ by littlefluffyduck on April 11, 2011.

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