Tiffany & Co. Makes San Francisco Giants World Series Ring

Tiffany & Co. has produced the World Series championship rings for the San Francisco Giants. While they won the MLB World Series in 2010, the baseballs stars are only now getting their rings now. Previously they were given inexpensive “decoy” rings – which was seen as a joke.

With the start of a new baseball season the team now gets their ring. Plus, one extra ring was made that will be raffled-off by the Giants for charity. The Tiffany & Co. made World Series ring is everything a star athlete could hope for. The ring is mostly in 18k white gold, with some yellow gold accents. It has 77 diamonds on it, which are placed in various spots on the ring. There is about 1 carat worth of stones. The top of the ring has the San Francisco Giant’s “SF” logo, surrounded by the statement “World Champions.” On one side (shank) of the ring is a picture of the Golden Gate Bridge with “2010.” The other shank will have the name of the ring recipient engraved on it.

Really a nice ring overall and very handsome. This is the first ever ring Tiffany & Co. has made for the MLB World Series. Though Tiffany & Co. has been enlisted in the past to create championship rings for other sports such as football.

As mentioned, Tiffany & Co. has produced one extra San Francisco Giants World Championship ring that will be raffled-off to support the Giants Community Fund. The raffle for the SF Giants championship ring can be found here, and will last until July 26, 2011. As I am in San Francisco I can freely say, “Go Giants!” And thanks Tiffany.

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Source: Luxist.


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