Compufon Android Smartphone

We all see concept devices on occasion that look really cool and we think that they will likely never make it to reality. The Compufon from Kosmaz Technologies is a concept right now, but the phone is going to be made according to the company. In fact Kosmaz is shooting for Q4 2011 right now so be looking at stores come Christmas time.

The phone will run Android 3.0 as the OS and for now, the hardware inside the blocky, rectangular body is a big unknown. The company says the Compufon will use next gen CPU and GPUs and the company sees it as a Web TV for use in the home.

One of the coolest things about the Compufon is the awesome tablet dock that is available. The tablet has a big 10.6-inch screen, stereo speakers, Bluetooth headphones, and a longer lasting battery. It will weigh under 1.5 pounds and has a leather case with a Bluetooth keyboard inside. Pricing is unannounced at this time.

Source: SlashGear.


~ by littlefluffyduck on April 20, 2011.

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