Rihanna Pays Stylist $23,000 A Week, Ashley Greene’s Beauty Tips & More in Beauty News Roundup

Rihanna Spends $23,000 A Week on Stylist
No pain, no gain? We suppose that anyone who changes their hairstyle as often as Rihanna is going to have to shell out the big bucks. Top celebrity stylist Ursula Stephen – who has reportedly also become a close friend – charges the singer about $3,200 a day for styles that have included a “Matador Red” bob, blond highlights and bright red hair extensions. But watch out, RiRi – you can’t add hair extensions to a bald head. – Via StyleCaster

Ashley Greene Shares Beauty Advice
The Twilight star dished on her beauty routine, her increasingly proactive skin care methods and what products she can’t live without. We’re intrigued by a natural beauty tip Greene learned on set – drawing freckles over your foundation gives the illusion that you’re not wearing any makeup at all. Somehow, we think we’d end up looking more like we’d been splattered in brown paint. – Via BellaSugar

French Women Lie More About Beauty
Sick of hearing about the effortless beauty of the French? This survey’s for you. A recent study commissioned by Benefit Cosmetics found that French women are more likely than American women to lie about their weight, length of their beauty routines and number of sexual partners. This ought to leave American women smirking (at least until the next French Vogue hits the stands). – Via Daily Mail

15 Cool Lollapalooza Beauty Looks
Thousands flocked to Chicago last weekend to see Lollapalooza, the city’s annual music festival. So what better time to find summer’s coolest street style beauty looks? We’re especially loving the Black Cards’ Bebe Rexha‘s metallic headband and messy waves. To be fair, it was a good 90 degrees out this weekend – we’re not positive these girls can take full credit for their “tousled” hair and “glowing” complexions. – Via BellaSugar

Source: Stylelist.


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